TRAINING SEMINARS: Do your employees need to strengthen skills in specific areas? Alessi Consulting & Education offers successful field proven training seminars. The following is a partial list of training seminars designed by Alessi Consulting & Education:

Some companies prefer to design their own workshops. We support your training implementation by facilitating workshops that are company-designed or custom designed by Alessi Consulting & Education to meet your needs.

CONSULTING: Are you unsure of why turnover is high or morale is low?

Alessi Consulting & Education conducts organizational diagnostics by facilitating focus groups with employees and interviewing managers to help companies understand their issues related to performance, high turnover and low morale. We analyze the results and recommend steps for improving them. We also consult on team building and employee selection.

INDIVIDUAL ASSESSMENTS AND COACHING: Could your employees benefit from targeted feedback on their performance?

Utilizing various personality and professional development assessment tools, we provide feedback on performance, targeting an individual’s strengths and development needs as the basis for one-on-one coaching for improvement.

KEYNOTES: Do you need a keynote speaker at a staff meeting?

Alessi Consulting & Education can design and deliver 1 – 1.5 hour presentations, on many training seminar topics, that are tailored to your needs and that inspire your audience.

Overview of Services

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